Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where has the power gone?

I'm getting to this a little late today; we had a really nasty windstorm this morning and it took out a tree at the top of the sandspit -- which fell (of course, don't they always?) on a power line and knocked out our power for the day.

I had a rehearsal in the morning, but spent the rest of the day Christmas shopping, checking in at the house from time to time to see if the power was back.  Since our street was the only one affected and it only has 50 houses on it, they took their time getting to us so we were down for just shy of 12 hours.  C'est la vie!

But I was checking in with our neighbors this evening, dropping off some photos they'd requested, and she mentioned she liked our little church; I realized she was describing this charming birdhouse, which rests atop the post on which our electric meter sits.

So when I spotted this picture with the cobweb this evening, I was amused.  Because it's not really a church -- though it feels a bit like one -- and if it is a church those cobwebs are pretty accurate; I haven't been in a church in quite a while; I may be getting a bit rusty.  Does that mean my faith is covered with cobwebs?  Or just that the God I used to believe in -- the one who lived in church and only came out on Sundays -- is a bit out of date?

Frankly, I'm finding it hard to think about this, as there is some sort of action movie blaring loudly in the room next to me -- that's what I get if I don't do the blog first thing in the morning -- so I think I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about what is church and where God lives.  Which I suspect you're already doing, or you probably wouldn't be reading this.

I'll be back tomorrow, when it's quiet.  TOO MANY EXPLOSIONS to think right now!  But at least we're warm and fed, and for that I'm grateful.


karen gerstenberger said...

Wasn't that a nasty blow last night? It woke me - sounded like a freight train at our house! I moved into another bedroom that is more protected, but when I told Gregg what I was doing, he just rolled over & went back to sleep - and David didn't even hear it! MEN!
But all is well now...well, except our furnace. OUT again, but I have been tending a wonderful fire in the woodstove, and am thankful and cozy. Glad you got your power back! xoxoxo

M.L. Gallagher said...

I used to ask that question all the time when I was a little girl -- Where does God live when he's not in church on sundays?

It's still a relevant question today -- even if church and God and religion have shifted and i wonder where they fit in my life -- guess that's my answer. Whereever I make room...

Hmmm.... thanks for getting me pondering! I've got so much to do...

and here I am now, a wondering...

I love your blog Diane. You have such a beautiful spirit and post such intriquing and thought provoking ideas.

Hugs -- glad your power's back!