Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Unwrapping our hearts

You know I, like, don't believe in Santa Claus or anything, right Mom?


So... even though I don't, do you think you could hold back some of the packages until Christmas morning, so it looks more like a surprise?

No problem!

There's something about the game of peekaboo that is somehow every bit as appealing when we're grown as when we're kids.  And sometimes I wonder if our hunger for the spiritual isn't really at heart a hunger for those early days, when there was magic in the air, and surprises, and the idea that someone out there somewhere -- like, at the North Pole -- actually noticed us, and cared how we behaved, and knew what we wanted, and just gave out of the goodness of his heart.

How about you?  Is some part of you waiting at the top of the stairs for Santa to show up; hoping for magic and surprises?  Does that part REALLY want to hear that the mystery is already here, right here, right now, waiting in your heart  for you to notice?  No wonder we continue to place the hope outside ourselves -- it seems so much more special that way.

But the truth is that the hope is within us, waiting to be birthed.  And the good news is that it looks and feels just like that wonderful sense of anticipation we feel, just before we tumble forward into Christmas -- except the gift we'll find, if and when we take the time to unwrap our hearts, will actually last a lifetime. 


Demotheus said...

I completely believe in Santa Claus. He is one of the many things that make up the Spirit of the Season. Like the wind, I might never actually see him but I can always feel his magic this time of year. One might say, you can't see the wind but it still has an effect on the world. Well so does Santa Claus; only his effects are in the minds and hearts of children worldwide. I wish I was as powerful as him to spark the imagination of millions of people. That is the real gift of Santa Claus.

Maureen said...

Critters are awfully cute.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Great photo -- and sentiment in this post.

At the Solstice celebration I was at a little girl danced in the aisle while we adults stood in rows. Sure, we clapped our hands and sang along. But her pure abandon and enjoyment -- I thought -- ahhh, to have such joy in my heart, to be so natural in expressing it...

when we unwrap our hearts, we shine!