Wednesday, December 29, 2010



This is what I pulled up for a photo today.  But I didn't get a chance to meditate this morning, so some part of me is resisting writing about it; I even wondered if maybe it was meant for the poetry blog, not for this one.

But of course the messages I've been getting lately have all been about persistence, rootedness, groundedness, going the distance, staying the course... and here it's clear that however small and light they are, the roots, and the natural determination of them, are winning out over the manmade obstacles placed in their path.

It's funny, you know: I never used to be a quitter.  I stayed in my first marriage LONG past the point where I should have bailed, hoping against hope that something I could do might change things.  And though I don't regret that -- mostly because I KNEW beyond all shadow of a doubt when I left that there were no other choices left to me -- and I'm grateful that it taught me to say no, I do sometimes wonder if now I may be too quick to walk away from things that don't appear to be working out.

Not that I can really think of any recent examples of that; it's more a feeling than an actual experience.  But still -- I've been feeling pretty discouraged lately, about any number of things (though, please, on so many levels life is good; this is not me begging for sympathy, just stating a fact).  Perhaps this image is just telling me to trust; that there are seeds planted that have not yet borne fruit, but it doesn't mean that growth is not occurring.  It's just not so visible right now.

And that's okay.  There need to be fallow seasons, seasons of rest and renewal.  And that which we know as growth and light WILL return.  Patience, my friends.  Patience...


Louise Gallagher said...

I am always amazed -- thought I shouldn't be by now -- how in sync we are.

My sentiments exactly!

So thank you for this. You've written out what I've been struggling to see within me.

Happy New Year my lovely blog friend

Bev said...

Amazing to read this (my sister sent me a link to your site. And BTW gorgeous photography!)Like you,I was always a "hanger-onner" and in my marriage circumstances gave me no other choice but to get out. It's still an issue I will grapple with but how wonderful to hear of someone else's dealing with this. It seems to me there is a way - a practice actually - of just waiting and watching and picking up the flow of life without "pushing the river". Constant learning to become conscious!!! Anyway, thank you for posting your thoughts and the wonderful photos. Blessed New Year to you and yours.