Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mountain Moon

This was the moon from my back deck yesterday morning: what a gift!  You can see another of yesterday's moon images on yesterday's entry in my poetry blog -- I was wandering up and down the spit shooting photos of the moon for almost half an hour yesterday; so beautiful!

... which is, of course, one of the blessings of the shorter days of the season: because the sun rises later, we're actually awake when these beautiful moments happen -- although, of course, that doesn't mean we get to see them often.

For one thing, the sky is rarely clear here this time of year.  But it's also true that many of us are wandering around with our heads down, noses to the grindstone, trying to forge a path through the Christmas to-do lists.  In order to see this, I had to have taken a moment to look up, away, beyond my immediate concerns, to notice the beauty of the sky.

I'm so glad I did!  And though I rarely indulge this ancient habit, I can only say in the immortal words of the PTL club (what can I say, it's part of my heritage) -- Thank you, Jesus!


Maureen said...

Stunning image, Diane!

Joyceann Wycoff said...

What a splendidly amazing image. Wish I could have been there but seeing it through your eyes is the next best thing.

M.L. Gallagher said...


Thank you for always sharing such amazing photos -- and words. You quicken my mind and soften my heart!