Thursday, December 16, 2010

Driving into the rainbow

I overslept again this morning, and rushed through my coffee and toast to be ready in time for the drive to the ferry.  No reading, no meditation, no time to relax stiff muscles before getting into the car...

So, though I wasn't in a foul mood, I was aware of my inner judge having a field day as I drove home from the ferry terminal.  And then I turned onto our little street, and the sun had somehow miraculously managed to peep through the clouds and rain: through the steady sweep of my windshield wipers I could see a perfect rainbow -- and I was driving right into it. 

I kept watching, through the wipers, dodging potholes, seeing as the rainbow dappled each successive house with color, until I came to the turnaround, when I could see it actually ended on the far side of the water.  And then, as the road swerved to the left for the last narrow stretch (the part with the ten speed bumps) I could see the other end of the rainbow, hovering just above our house.

As I kept driving that last bit of road -- which basically goes through everyone's front yards --  I realized the rainbow's end was really across the lagoon from us.  And then, as I drove, it turned into a double rainbow, with both ends reflecting in the water on either side, all beaming across at me.

Now I ask you -- who could remain cranky and frustrated after such a display?

If, like me, you're finding Advent feels a bit more like Lent this year, well then.. just know you're not alone.  And know this: when things seem most cloudy and rainy, even a tiny burst of light can create the magnificence of a double rainbow.

So, watch for it!

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Maureen said...

There's magic in rainbows...I always get excited when I see them.