Friday, September 27, 2013

Say cheese with this whine...

I went to an audition last night, for a staged radio-play reading of It's A Wonderful Life (yay, I know, right?  What fun would that be!)  The auditions were running over half an hour behind schedule so people were piling up in the theater lobby, and at one point I looked around and every single person was staring at a cellphone.

... which reminded me of my most recent Monday morning coffee date, when we looked around the coffee shop and realized every other person in the room was sitting alone at a table and staring at some sort of screen; it was clear our conversation was actually irritating the guy next to us. 

So when I saw this person staring at her phone with all that majesty around her... well, okay, she's probably checking to see if the photo she just took captures the majesty well enough to ship off to her friends... but still.  Are all these screens keeping us busy "do-ing?"  Have we lost the ability to just ... be?

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