Monday, September 16, 2013

Re-inventing yourself

Found in a display of ship models at the Mariner's Museum, this sweet boat for some reason makes me think of all the specialized jobs in the world that are now done by machine. 

Being a former layout and design person, I think immediately of the challenge that work used to be before the onset of desktop publishing. But (having just renewed a prescription) I think also of all the phone calls that are no longer handled by human beings, of all the corporations that have done away with most of their secretarial help, of all the manual labor work on farms and in industry that is now done by machine.

People have been having to re-invent themselves for centuries now, it seems, but nonetheless it's still a shock when you learn your livelihood is no longer viable.  Today my prayer is for all who need to re-invent careers for themselves; that they may find something that brings them fulfillment and joy...

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