Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finding balance in the mix

Psychologists tell us that the richest relationships are those which allow for occasional disagreements; that a certain amount of drama actually adds a little spice to things. This picture makes me wonder if our lives aren't somehow like that as well.  We know there are striations over the course of our lives, times of light and dark. We also know there are moments when everything looks truly pitch black and we can't even imagine light any more. 

But from a distance, from a larger perspective, we see, not only that the light far outweighs the dark, but that the source of light is often hidden in the dark;  that those darkest moments, the ones that bring us to our knees, somehow allow us to see the light that fills the rest of life.  And it's actually the mix of dark and light together that makes the whole thing beautiful...

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