Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fostering a sense of connection

As I wander through my recent images, I find there are two photos of these horses.  They're almost identical, except in this one the black horse is looking at me, and in the other one he's looking away. 

That distinctive white blaze on his forehead gives this picture a strong focal point -- which is partly why I chose to post it here.  But there's also a connection forged by the fact that the horse is watching me, and I believe that's equally important.

Our egos have a wonderful way of making us feel unique and special, but they also foster a sense of isolation and separation: I don't know many people who don't hunger for a sense of connection.  Which means that part of what I hope to accomplish as a photographer is to invite my viewers into the picture, to give them a taste of that connection -- the unity that lies beneath the surface of our lives.  So -- here's looking at you, kid!

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Louise Gallagher said...

I love the mystical nature of this photo and its ability to connect me to the mystery of life. Nice.