Friday, May 20, 2011

One Transparent Sky

One Transparent Sky

Lovers think they are looking for each other,
but there is only one search.

Wandering this world is wandering that,
both inside one transparent sky.
In here there is no dogma and no heresy.

The miracle of Jesus is himself,
not what he said or did about the future.
Forget the future.  I would worship someone
who could do that.

On the way you may want to look back, or not,
but if you can say, "There is nothing ahead,"
there will be nothing there.

Stretch your arms and take hold
the cloth of your clothes with both hands.
The cure for pain is in the pain.

Good and bad are mixed.  If you don't have both,
you do not belong with us.

When someone gets lost, is not here,
he must be inside us.  There is no place like that
anywhere in the world.

--Rumi,  from Coleman Barks' A Year With Rumi


Maureen said...

Lovely pairing!

Joyce Wycoff said...

You're always steps ahead of me. That image and the framing of it is stunning! I love the way the image flows into the frame. You keep pulling me into new things.

altar ego said...

I LOVE what you are doing with your photos/paintings/creations. This one is particularly exquisite. Wish i could learn this technique!