Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Creativity in the Wild

Yesterday, when I was out walking the dog on the beach, we disturbed a family of killdeer.  Apparently we were too close to the nest, because both parents began cheeping frantically and trying to draw us away from the area.

One of the adults then performed this trick, which I'd heard of but never seen: in desperation she sank down onto the sand, spread her tail and cocked her wings to an uncomfortable angle, as if she were hurt, cheeping plaintively the whole time. 

If I were a cat, I'm certain I'd have been enchanted at the thought of an easy meal.  But as a human, and a photographer, I could only marvel at the creativity of her strategy -- and rush, of course, for my camera.  I know -- it's just a record shot, not great photography.  But isn't she clever?  What an extraordinary actress!  (And yes, of course, as soon as I drew close she flew away...)

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