Friday, June 6, 2014

An appreciation for the unique

Though our island features some significant graffiti down at the bunkers (these giant cement fortresses left over from WWII) the town itself has a pretty upscale look to it, so I was delighted to see this charming creation on what appears to be a junction box outside one of our local coffee shops.

Perhaps if this sort of gray scrawliness were everywhere, as it is in many cities I've visited, I wouldn't appreciate it so much -- or even notice it -- but here it definitely stands out, and for some reason I find it very appealing.  Go figure!

Perhaps that's because we humans are engineered to notice differences -- the single red tulip in a field of daffodils, the one deciduous tree glowing in a forest of evergreens... Whatever the reason, I'm inclined to appreciate things that are unique. 

I'd like to think God feels that way, too.

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