Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some things never change

Back when our girls were little, we would occasionally take a Saturday or Sunday ferry from Seattle (we lived on the other side of the water in those days) to Bainbridge, then drive over the bridge and through the woods to the Point No Point Lighthouse. 

There was a terrific beach there, so the kids would play happily in the sand for hours.  My husband would visit the little lighthouse museum or take a nap, and I would just... breathe.  I loved the view, loved the salt air and loved the sounds of children playing and gulls squabbling overhead.  It was a deliciously peaceful respite that fed us all.

Finding this picture just brought all that back.  And isn't that the joy of a photograph, or a song, a scent, or a taste?  In the blink of an eye, or a note, we can be transported back to another time, remembering sights and sounds and smells and feelings.  I am not the same woman now that I was then -- and yet I am.  I still love it when the girls are happy; still love it when my husband is occupied; still love it when I can just listen and breathe.  Some things never change...


Maureen said...

Lovely post, Diane.

kerrdelune said...

Love this, and the image speaks to me.