Monday, February 18, 2013

Good to dream

Unlike my Monday friend, who told me this morning that he no longer dreams of traveling to distant places, I still long to return to Italy.  Yes, of course, there is color and beauty here; I photograph it almost every day.  But oh, what I wouldn't give, to spend another day on Burano, a whole day, free to drink in strong colors like these through my camera, with no bored family members impatiently tapping their feet, itching to get back to Venice.

The good news in this, I think, is that we are shaped, not only by the reality of our lives, but also by our longings.  And so my longing for color finds its expression in painting, in writing, and  in theater.  The hunger for community finds its expression in the groups with which we gather.  The thirst for silence leads us to walks on the beach or in the forest; to retreats and meditation and other opportunities to listen.  It's good to dream -- our dreams have a way of carrying us forward into new life. 

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Maureen said...

Love the image, Diane! Lovely post, too. I'd be happy to take off to Italy again.