Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Never be less furry

I thought God might be willing
to listen to reason,
so I worked up a proposal
that outlined some of my concerns.
My primary objective
in that twenty page thesis
(of sheer elegance,
that I was hoping might impress Him)
could be distilled into this one,
a bit long-winded hoot:
That you -- God -- would never be
any less furry,
and always as accessible
and loving as my cat;
and like her, sleep with your head
on my shoulder. And of course --
don't forget the purrrrrrrrr!

-- Hafiz


Audrey said...

I love it! Could I add: Always be as comforting as my big hairy dog, follow me everywhere, and always keep me in your heart. And if you choose to leave God-hair drifted into corners and under chairs it will remind me of your presence.

Diane Walker said...

Purrfect, Audrey!