Tuesday, August 6, 2013

True Colors

These are the actual colors my camera captured, two evenings ago when I was out walking the dog.  But of course, now that we all know about Photoshop, you have only my word for that.  Truth to tell, I did shop this, but only to remove a dark spit of land that intruded into the left side of the picture; this really was the actual color.

But I wonder sometimes if my children, who grew up in the era of Photoshop and hit puberty as Clinton was lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky,  will ever be able to develop the levels of trust and security -- however illusive -- that I felt as a child.  Certainly they lost their innocence long before I did.

... and is that a bad thing? If they understand early on that things may not be what they seem, will that make them a little more skeptical, a little smarter about scams, a little more willing to look beyond appearances to the truth that lies beneath?  Or will it just make them cynical, unwilling to trust, unwilling to commit or invest -- or even believe? Will they be able to even see those "true colors shining through?"

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