Thursday, August 1, 2013

Open to the Ordinary

After a day of minor trials and tribulations, I am delighted to find myself placed behind this truck on the ferry home.  Rust, peeling paint, my favorite shade of green... what more could my camera and I possibly want?

It makes me think of that dear song from White Christmas:

"When you're worried, 
and you can't sleep,
just count your blessings
instead of sheep,
and you'll fall asleep
counting your bless____ ings!"

Yes, it's true: there are times when I'm a bit of a Pollyanna -- which is SO totally uncool... And it's just as true that at times I can be a classic Negative Nancy.  I'm human: some things disturb me more than others. I'm an artist, so I'm easily distracted by beauty (sometimes in very odd forms, like this one.)  Sometimes that's a gift, but at other times it contributes to a certain lack of focus that can be disconcerting to other family members...

But here's the thing: we are who we are.  And each of the bits and pieces that make us what we are is both a gift and a curse. ALL of it is a mixed blessing, and over a lifetime there will be plenty of opportunities for both shame and rejoicing. But we get to keep moving forward, learning from our mistakes.  And we get lots of little gifts along the way -- like this one.  You just need to pay attention; stay open to the beauty in the ordinary: even when it's locked up pretty tight, with both a bolt and a chain!


Cheryl said...

When I opened up the site today the first words out of my mouth were, "WOW I Love that image".

I'm too young to know who or what a Pollyanna is, but you are correct, we are all human and we all have issues we would rather not admit to ourselves let alone others. I believe Jung called it the shadow self.

I've been trying to figure out how to sustain the peacefulness that a Deva Premal song engulfs me with while I'm at work. Somehow it just feels like the concept of a oxymoron to me...

Janice L said...

Loved this. It reminded me of a post I wrote a few years back along the same lines. Thought you might enjoy it.

Diane Walker said...

If you like Deva Premal, I heartily recommend listening to the chants of Ana Hernandez and her group, HARC; beautiful!

Loved your post, Janice; thanks for the link! And I'm so intrigued that both of you have responded by talking about music... I'll have to think about the significance of that!