Thursday, September 1, 2011

September blessings

I had fully intended to meditate this morning, but first our dog woke us, and then I was distracted by that dark sunrise you see at right, and then there came that poem, burning to be written down, and by the time I'd completed that we were completely fogged in.

Thinking I'd go photograph the fog and then stay in town for my usual Thursday morning coffee date, I stepped into the shower.  But I came out to find the fog had dissipated a bit, and the sun was having a field day staring at her own bright reflection in the soft grays of morning.

It was so lovely -- and so obviously fleeting -- that I threw on my robe and ran outside with my camera, wet hair slicked unattractively back.  But then I found a heron adding her perfect silhouette to the the morning's glories; of course I had to photograph her, too. 

All of which means that by the time I hit the road a lot of the fog on other parts of the island had dissipated.  But I got some wonderful images, both in the process of trying to leave and while wandering around the island with my camera.

So I think you could say I DID get in a meditation, of sorts; I was paying attention, a steady stream of images rolled by, and I came out of my time feeling calm and energized. And best of all,  I ended up speaking with both my daughters in the course of the morning,  so there were, quite frankly, blessings everywhere.

... and, just so you know, it always helps to know that when I get back home I get to share some of those blessings with you!


Maureen said...

Lovely to read; I can hear joy in your voice.

Joyce Wycoff said...

Isn't this what it's all about ... responding to the beauty of the moment? I love your heron.