Monday, September 19, 2011

Carrying a heavy load

Something about the way the load is distributed in this boat resonates with me at the moment.  I'm getting ready for a trip, and the weight of packing and planning and last minute reservations and readying the house for the dog-sitter and simply trying to be certain all the pieces are in place before we go is really weighing me down  -- and I always seem to feel that tension in my upper back, as if I'm pulling the oars myself.

Times like this, it's good to remember -- we DON'T have to do it all ourselves.  But we do need to ask for help (as the old joke says, it's not enough to pray to win the lottery: you have to BUY A TICKET!)


Louise Gallagher said...

This photo is fascinating! In so many ways.

Hope you have a marvelous trip.

Maureen said...

May your travels be safe and fun!

I love that it's the woman doing all the hard pulling in this picture while the man just weighs down the boat. The image makes me smile.