Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just gotta wonder...

Again, the TV is blaring as I write, so I'll keep it short; just thought I'd share this charming discovery from somewhere in Western Vermont.  What on earth inspires people to create things like this?  Who wakes up one morning and rolls over and says to the wife, "Honey, you know that old VW the kids left in the back yard?  Let's build a giant gorilla and hire a cherry picker to put the VW on his hand so it looks like he's lifting the dern thing."

Ya just gotta wonder sometimes... On the other hand, it's very amusing...

Darn.  I really can't write with both the TV and the computer talking in the background.  I'm sure there's a message here: maybe it's that contemporary culture gets in the way of thinking?

I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.  Maybe it's enough to just be amusing from time to time...


Louise Gallagher said...

I'm with you my friend!

Being on Gabriola Island. Savouring the quiet and the beauty at The Haven -- all these things lead me inwards.

Noise. City bustle. TV. Distractions -- all pull me out of reverie into consternation!

Love the giant gorilla.

C said...

Indeed...a great deal of effort! But it does bring a smile. I don't think this is a gorilla though...my guess is Big Foot? I could be wrong, but Vermont--all those trees and forests and some beautiful wilderness--Big Foot sort of fits the theme.

Our writer's group meets in a coffee shop and when it's really busy and there's a lot of noise, I have a terrible time writing! And it is definitely impossible with the TV in the background.

Not sure how I happened onto your blog, but it has been quite enjoyable.

I'm writing from upstate New York. We were fortunate here in our small area, but all around us people have lost homes and livelihoods. We just lost our water heater. I think I'm assuming the photo is from Vermont?

Off to other pursuits. Have a good day.

Maureen said...

The sculpture (?!) might be good for someone's advertising. It certainly could generate some clever pr copy.

The gorilla looks like it's wearing one of those belts (wide-girthed) that people put on for heavy lifting.