Saturday, September 24, 2011

The appeal of simplicity

Sitting in my hotel room, I couldn't help but photograph this curtain, swaying in the breeze.  It's amazing how appealing simplicity can be: we are so accustomed to busy-ness and complexity, but simplicity has a way of slowing us down and helping us just... breathe.

It's a bit -- having spent most of yesterday driving the back roads of Vermont and upper New York State -- like what happens when you cross the border from New York into Vermont.  You know right away the transition has happened, not because there's a sign saying "Welcome to Vermont," (was there one? I don't remember...) but because Vermont has a law against billboards.  It's amazing how refreshing the scenery becomes when there's no artifice to distract from it.

It also makes me think of an outfit I found for my daughter at our local thrift store -- a fifties navy wool sheath with short sleeves and a narrow belt, very plain, but with a matching (and outrageous) orange plaid trapeze coat with 3/4 sleeves.  The dress is incredibly simple, but she looks absolutely fabulous in it -- it shows off her figure, her face, her amazing hair, her shapely legs... simply by being simple.  (Of course the coat offsets that; it has a way of drawing a LOT of attention to itself).

So, yes -- by keeping things simple, we allow the beauty that lies beneath to be revealed.  So what, I ask you, could you simplify in your life today?  And what beauty, what breath -- and breadth -- of spirit might be revealed by that choice?


Maureen said...

You're visiting some of my favorite places at a time of year I love. Are the leaves changing?

Diane Walker said...

Not quite yet; there's SOME color, but still mostly green. Beautiful nonetheless.