Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trusting the journey

"What I discovered was that failure could be a bridge across the chasm that pride had created."
-- Desmond Tutu, Made for Goodness

I loved this quotation this morning, and love, too, the way it pairs with Richard Rohr's prayer this morning from Wondrous Encounters:

"Humble God, make us like you.  You do not lord it over us, but wait patiently for us to change.  May we do the same with our brothers and sisters on the journey."

Having spent time both last night and this morning admonishing my husband for his involvement in a organization which I cannot trust, I finally realized that our roles are perfectly reversed from a similar discussion we had some 20 years ago when he questioned MY involvement in an organization HE couldn't trust.

In the end each of us has spoken out of love, and a genuine conviction of the other's honesty and innocence.  He was certainly proven right -- my organization left me with a sense of failure and betrayal, and I have little doubt that his organization, too, will give him that unwelcome experience of failure and betrayal.  But for me that experience brought with it huge gifts; I just have to trust that will prove true for him as well.  We are learning to be patient with each other on the journey; I suspect that's all that we can ask...

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