Saturday, May 1, 2010

Choosing dedication

A couple of days ago I was wondering about my motives for going back to school, so I particularly appreciated this passage from Roger Walsh's Essential Spirituality this morning:

"Each time I sit down to write this book I try to remember to dedicate it to the welfare of all the people who read it. In this way I hope that my selfish motives, such as the desire for fame and recognition, are reduced, while care and concern for others are enhanced."

Tibetan Buddhists, Walsh says, start and end every major activity by dedicating their practice to their own awakening, that it may serve and awaken all beings. Which means I can follow that example, and -- assuming I am accepted into this program -- I can choose to dedicate my time in it in the same fashion.

Funny. I dedicated this blog on the day of its inception, and that's done a lovely job of keeping me on track. I dedicate my daily meditation practice. You'd think I'd have realized that could carry over into this new journey. I suspect that my momentary lapse and Walsh's timely passage are serving as a gentle reminder that this decision is not a step back onto an old path, not a choice to indulge my brain for a while instead of my heart and soul but rather an opportunity for integration of old and new, brain, heart and soul. By dedicating my work I hope to ensure that the path stays true.

I started to write "One can only hope." But of course, it's not just about hope, it's also about choice, and action. And so I choose.

And it's all good.


Maureen said...

Yes, it is all good. I really admire how you look at your life and actions with such intention.

Interesting image you created today: light, elements of fire perhaps (a starting over?), warm glow, a pathway from the light (the Way), the circles (wholeness?), the heart.

Diane Walker said...

Actually I was a little worried about this one; originally that candle was a chalice, so she REALLLy looked like a clergyperson. Wasn't quite sure what that would mean...

Now I just think she's a penguin!