Friday, April 30, 2010

Sharing the cup of life

Normally I work on my photographic creations in the afternoons, but yesterday I was feeling kinda sleepy, and ended up spending the afternoon sitting in my living room and chatting with my daughter.

We ended up sharing a long conversation about the Enneagram, and I eventually got out one of the more amusing books on the subject, The Enneagram Made Easy, which led to lots of shared observations and chuckling about our own foibles and those of our family.

So I didn't get around to creating something new until this morning, and though I had read some wonderful deep stuff that I had intended to share with you, when I got to the images and started playing this is what emerged. There were many points along the path of its creation where I might have stopped, but for some reason I just kept going. And though this end result doesn't feel like great art to me I LOVE the sheer dancing joy of it.

So instead of filling this space with pithy and serious observations I think I'll just let this piece speak for itself, and encourage you to do something today that reveals your inner joy. You just gotta love yourself!

Oh -- and just so you know, this is the original from which the image above arose... go figure!


Maureen said...

I'm amazed every time I look at your original image and then the new one that results. One day you'll have to show me how you do this magic.

Glad you had nice Mom-Daughter time yesterday.

Kathleen Overby said...

Reminds me of the platter in Chocolat which when spinning means something different to everyone. And helps Vyonn know what kind of chocolate is their favorite. So what I see is a heart being 'entered' and split wide open, welcoming love. Sensuous. I love art that arouses desire. We too often kill desire because it so dangerous. :) I would name it Eucharesto

Diane Walker said...

OOh... I love that you see the heart splitting and the Eucharistic aspect of it; it felt that way to me as well. Thanks!

Louise Gallagher said...

I too see a heart splitting open to love -- and the angel of the heart dancing.

quite beautiful -- and your process is mystical -- and magical!

Susan Richmond said...

I have been away from a computer for a few days--visiting my mom which always offers challenges. So catching up on your blog, I found this image this morning and it was like having life breathed back into my soul. Thank you!!