Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Morning blessings

This is a crazy week: rehearsals Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening; performances Thursday and Friday evenings, 2 performances Saturday and a matinee on Sunday. Plus our younger daughter arrives with her boyfriend on Friday, and I have 3 calendars and a directory to get to the local printer so they'll be done in time for Christmas.

I'm doing my best to conserve energy (my husband's being really helpful, taking up the slack in housework) but my body decided to help out by sleeping late this morning. Instead of getting up at 6 to feed and inoculate our diabetic dog, I slept until almost 8 -- and was greeted by this spectacular sunrise when I came downstairs.

Which was particularly amusing because my dreams -- the morning ones, at least -- had the same feel to them: they were big, vast, full of possibility and color, anchored in reality but at the same time so much more. It was as if something inside me was determined to remind me that the world is much wider than the stress of my immediate concerns, and I awoke refreshed and ready to face the challenges of the day, grateful for whatever it is that was so determined to bless me this morning.

... and I'm going to replace one of those calendar images with this one -- it's just too beautiful not to share!


Kimberly Mason said...

I don't know if the last comment went through, so....

Stunning image. Really stunning! (I'm a real sunrise fan!)

And your windblown dog image really moved my son Shane. It is my desktop wallpaper and when he saw it he had to call me over for an explanation. Something about that image really calls...

Maureen said...


Now go soar!