Friday, December 25, 2009

I wish you Love

It's Christmas morning.

My children and husband are nestled snug in their beds.

The dog and cats are fed and medicated, and my daughters' fish seem to have survived another night (one, an almost 4-year-old betta, has been on his last fins for some time now).

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, the floor below the tree is covered with presents, and the boardwalk beyond the windows is white with frost below the clear and star-filled sky.

It is that peaceful moment before the chaos of the day begins, and, sitting here reveling in the Christmas lights and breathing in the scent of evergreens, I offer it to you: may your holidays be full of peace and joy; sweet smells and light; and -- most of all -- Love. As that wonderful old Charles Trenet song says:

"I wish you shelter from the storm
A cozy fire to keep you warm
But most of all when snowflakes fall
I wish you love."

Peace and blessings, my friends. Peace and blessings to you all.

1 comment:

Maureen said...

So lovely to read these words.

May yours be a festive day, full of Joy, and as evening falls, full of His grace.