Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Finding in all faiths, One

Yesterday I paid a visit to Anita Feng's pottery Studio, which sits nestled in the woods on the side of Tiger Mountain, about an hour from my home (including the half-hour ferry ride).

I already have three of Anita's buddhas in my house, but my friend Robin happened to mention that Anita was making some beautiful new tea bowls, and when I went to Anita's Etsy site I fell in love with yet another of her buddhas.

I wish I could share all of the glorious pieces Anita showed me during my visit, but today is my ONE CHANCE to actually go Christmas shopping, so I need to leave soon and haven't time to display them all as they deserve. But I did want to share this one with you (this is not the one I bought) because, for me, it captures the essence of a faith that reaches far beyond the often arbitrary borders of religion.

To me, Anita's work resonates because her Buddhas are more than Buddha: they are Mary, and Sophia (Wisdom); Native American spirits, and Jesus weeping for our wounded world, and ever so much more.

I could sit and stare at them forever.

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Maureen said...

I agree. Anita's work is wonderful. Just looking at the image leaves me calmer. (I will have to spend some time on her Etsy site, and a close hand on my wallet. I've already seen several things I'd like. Lots that would make great gifts.)