Monday, December 28, 2009

Just circling around...

This seems to be one of those days when everything is conspiring to keep me from blogging. I feel like I'm just wandering around in circles. It's probably because I seem to have caught the cold my daughter brought home with her from college. I felt so disoriented after meditating this morning I just went back to bed.

I tried to blog again when I woke up (2 hours later) but couldn't find a photo, and then the cat insisted on sitting on my hands. I gave up and took my daughter shopping.

So now it's after lunch, and I've finally found a photo that feels right, but then the dog demanded to be taken for a walk, and now that he's back he wants to play ball.

I think I'll just give up, and suggest that instead of reading anything wise from me today (since there seems to be no wisdom to be had) you might want to read what my friend Sue has to say. Sue and I have been in plays off and on together for years and often try out for the same parts, but she's way more flamboyant and goddess-y than I am.

I first met Sue in Midsummer Night's Dream -- she was a magnificent Titania, and I played Egeus as an angry woman. Though we both tried out for the part, she got to be the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz (probably a good thing; I'm sure all that green makeup would have wreaked havoc on my skin). And we both tried out for Liza/Gabby in Peter Pan; I'm still amazed I got the parts.

At any rate, she has just started blogging, and sent me a pointer this morning to her new years wish/resolution. It's wonderful, and so I share it with you here; perhaps tomorrow I will have slept off some of this cold and will be back online with observations of my own... In the meantime, enjoy this peaceful photo and her post, and have a lovely day! I think I'm just gonna head back to bed...

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Maureen said...

Thank you for the introduction to your friend and her blog. I enjoyed her post.

Hope you feel better soon.