Monday, January 6, 2014

What sort of person

What sort of person,
you might ask,
crochets a rock
and leaves it on a bench
beside an entrance to a park?

And look how long
it must have been sitting there,
to be so dirty,
some strings worn through,
and still so very present.

I want to be that person --
generous to a fault,
releasing art into the world
with no thought to where it falls.

I also want to be that rock --
solid, bringing beauty,
even if a little worn --
a sign that somewhere, Someone cared enough
to take the time to make me,
and in that making,
cared about you, too.


Prairie Jill said...

Lovely shot and lovely words.

I stop by your blog regularly and enjoy your photography so much. Sorry for not commenting more!

Diane Walker said...

Thanks, Jill! ... and no apology necessary :)