Thursday, January 2, 2014

What, now?

Because I strongly suspect that not everyone appreciates sonnets, I'm moving the remainder of my sonnets into my poetry blog; you can access them there via the poetry link above if you want to watch my progress in that arena. 

I love writing them, but while it's true that the arbitrary nature of the structure can  force new revelations, it's also true that in attempting to fit a concept into the structure I can lose sight of what it is I'm trying to say or the photo is trying to teach me.  Plus I'm already realizing it's VERY easy to get, well... a little hokey.

I think this is probably one of those cases where structure inhibits rather than encourages freedom, although that may only be because I'm not the most gifted poet, or because my work is limited by the time I've allotted to it.  At any rate, there is a new sonnet posted there, and presumably there are more to come, but I'm returning this space to its allotted function, which is more about observation than creation.  I feel certain the process of creating sonnets will hold some gift for me, but I'll let you choose whether you want to watch or not: labor and birth are not always pleasant sights!

So what am I seeing here, now, in this image, on this page?  Only a glorious golden dawn, and the promise of a new year to come.  But then, every moment contains that implicit promise, the opportunity for a new beginning: there is really only ever now.  So if you had an intention or resolution you were considering adopting for the year to come -- why not start doing that now.  Or now.  Or maybe... now?

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