Thursday, January 16, 2014

Something that's not bananas

Things aren't always what they seem. Take this photo, for example: your first thought, on seeing it, was probably "bananas," right? But actually it's a stack of yellow kayaks behind a plant; I just flipped it over.

These days, of course, thanks to Photoshop, we can create all kinds of illusions. Between that and all the faked-up emails that find themselves into our spam folders, it's getting harder and harder to know what's real and what's not.

So what IS real, and what IS true?  Undeniably, irrefutably true? I know I am human.  I know I'm married, and I know I've given birth to two children.  But I also know that something in me believes there's something more out there, more than I can see, hear, touch, or taste; something far wiser, far more loving, and far more inclusive than I've ever even been able to imagine.

Does that mean it exists? Not necessarily -- but does that really matter?  What matters is what happens when we act on what we believe to be true.  And if I act as if we are all part of something larger than any of us can see; as if we are all part of the same family of creation; as if each of us, despite our faults, is loved beyond our wildest imaginings... well... does that make me bananas?

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