Wednesday, April 24, 2013

View from a higher plane

I know. You've seen variations of this view before. But usually I'm shooting from my front porch, or the driveway, and you can't see that there's water on the other side of the houses. This one is shot from a second floor window, so you can get a better idea of the whole picture; you can see there's another body of water beyond our immediate lagoon; that we are small fish in a much bigger pond than we might have assumed.

When I was studying organizational behavior at Antioch, we talked a lot about that; about the broader perspective you could gain if you "went to the balcony." It's a wonderful metaphor for the importance of seeing beyond our normal rather limited outlook on things. And of course, as we all know from our experiences on planes, the higher we go, the smaller those individual concerns appear.

... Which doesn't mean they're not important: they are.  We just have to keep them in perspective...

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