Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When the heron heralds spring

It was a glorious day here yesterday, so I decided to take a break from labeling photos (I'm getting ready for our gallery's annual Almost Perfect Sale, and everything has to be labeled with the original price and the sale price) and walk to the mailbox (which is a 15 to 20 minute round trip).

I spotted this heron fishing in the lagoon on the way back; he was actually quite close to the driveway, and didn't take off when I edged around the car to take a picture -- I'm thinking it may have been because I had the Wailin' Jennys playing on my iphone to keep me company.

I had brought the iphone along in case a friend called; she'd gone in for some minor surgery that morning and was keeping me updated on her progress.  I've actually been a bit slow about adapting to the constant presence of my cellphone; this was the first time I'd ever taken it on a walk with me, and I had already reached the mailbox and turned back before it occurred to me I could have music to walk by.

But I discovered I liked walking to music -- I might be trying that again -- and I got the sense the birds appreciated it, too.  Although, maybe that was just because it was the Jennys; other choices whose pace is more suited to mine might be less palatable for the birds...

Today the sky is gray again, and the weather back to its typical April chill.  But I'm grateful I had the chance to breathe in a little warmth and sunshine; it makes the gray more palatable somehow, knowing it will soon give way to more of yesterday's beauty.  Spring is coming; the end of winter is in sight.

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Louise Gallagher said...

Ah yes. The end of winter in sight.

Here too! We are rounding the corner, blossoms are breaking open and I am breaking out in song to join the birds! :)

love the heron