Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Partners on the journey

Wandering through my photos this morning, I found this curious image, shot through two car windows (mine and hers) from a taxi at a stoplight in Naples.

I like the fiery intensity of her forward gaze; the determined set of her mouth, the vaguely patrician nose... I also love the colors, and the curious intensity of the shapes in the lower lefthand corner.

So I tidied her up a bit, intensified the color and the contrast, and named her Woman on her Way.  We're on  a journey together, she and I -- and you, too, of course -- and I doubt our paths will ever cross again; surely we wouldn't realize it even if they did.

But I feel a kinship with her that I am endeavoring -- through meditation -- to cultivate with all human beings, and with all creation.  Because we are all journeying together, each of us cradling that spark of divinity in our hearts in a sort of cosmic relay; hoping to learn what we need to learn before we hit that finish line...

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Maureen said...

I wonder if we all look so focused and set when we're driving, and if we truly realize what journey we're on, the destination to which we're headed. Fascinating, thought-provoking image.