Monday, February 21, 2011

Off to Shaw

One of the many wonderful things about having grown children living with us is that we can leave the house for a day or two and know the dog, cats, and fish will be taken care of.

So, given that a couple of regularly scheduled activities aren't happening this week, we've decided to head up to our cabin on Shaw Island to try to solve a water problem that surfaced over the winter.

Which means I may or may not be able to post to the blogs tomorrow (there's no internet at the cabin, but I might be able to work at the library).  But it also means, though the cabin is deep in the woods, that I'll be photographing more scenes like this one (which we'll pass as we drive to the cabin).  Time spent on Shaw always seems to feed my soul -- it's a wonderful, peaceful, beautiful, and deeply spiritual place with lots of positive associations for us -- but of course this will be a working vacation; might not be as much fun as usual.  With luck though, our time there will feed my camera, and I'll be returning with some more peaceful images to share with you. 

I wish you blessings on your day, and on the week to come...


1 comment:

Maureen said...

Have a splendid time on Shaw. I'll look forward to any images you bring back, especially of the glow in your soul.