Friday, October 29, 2010

Who are you right now?

I always seem to be teetering on the edge of now: I'm never -- or at least rarely -- fully here.

Thinking about last night's post this morning, I realize it has a fatal flaw: it's all about looking for signs.  And looking for signs is just another way we have of ignoring and devaluing now. 

"Oh," we think, "If this is true, maybe that's the direction I need to take to get to there."  But the problem is that there is someplace other than here -- which is really where we need to be.

When will I learn -- and fully realize -- that what matters is not who I am becoming, or even who I was?  What matters --really matters -- is who I am right now.


marina said...

What you wrote Thurs and Fri really speaks to me! Thanks for articulating these ideas so well and combining them with such neat images.

A thought--even though here and now is of the utmost importance, the most interesting and productive lives look forward and use the here and now as a spring board for often grandiose (exciting/new) ideas about what they will do next and next and next. The process, even when you look back on it, is fascinating to me. Marina

Diane Walker said...

You're so right, Marina -- there are important and wonderful ways to use the present in service to the future without losing track of now.

Thanks for your comments!