Friday, March 5, 2010

Lovely blogs...

My wonderful blogger buddy Maureen -- who kindly comments here and on my poetry blog on an almost daily basis -- became the recipient yesterday of the "One Lovely Blog" award. Abiding by the rules, she duly paid the honor forward to 15 other bloggers -- including me!

I am honored by her mention, but frankly a little concerned: I actually only barely KNOW 15 other bloggers! Well, I do, if you look at the list at left, but of those, 7 have already been included on Maureen's list -- and not all of the as-yet-unmentioned ones would (I suspect) appreciate the visibility or the tone of this award (I'm thinking of my family-members who blog, in particular, who are just as happy not to even be listed here).

So I hope the originators of the award will forgive me if I only pass it along to a few folks; please know that my intentions are good but my footprint in the blogworld is pretty small! Here are some more friends (and gentlemen, I'm skipping you cuz I'm not sure you'd really appreciate a cup of pink roses!) who really do have lovely blogs -- so I'm passing them the One Lovely Blog award:

Altar Ego -- Reverent Irreverence
Karen -- Life after Katie
Kim -- Prayers for the Oft-Traveled Road
Martha -- Reflectionary
nAncY -- Poems and Prayers
Robin -- Gramercy Digital Diary
Susan -- Art and Sketchbook Blog


Maureen said...

I think you've honored the "rules" quite well. You commend a group of wonderful bloggers.

I do not know who originated the award and made up the rules but I think both work to establish community and disprove the notion that the virtual world has no meaning. Some of my best friendships are virtual. The roses are nice to have now, too, as spring is not far off.

Btw, your posts show up on Twitter, even though you don't tweet. And I'm not the only one who tweets your posts. So, your footprint in cyberspace is larger than you think.

Have a great weekend.

karen gerstenberger said...

Thank you kindly for this award. I will use it carefully and pass the love forward. =)
I've been getting behind on my blog buds' writings. Can't seem to keep up with how creative and prolific many of you are! Today, it's been a pleasure to catch up. Hugs to you from here.

Songbird said...

You are so kind! Thank you very much.

Susan Cornelis said...

Thank you so much for passing the award on to me! And for drawing me into your lovely prayerful blog.

Anonymous said...

thank you! :-)

Jan said...

Congratulations and thanks for all the good links.