Sunday, March 28, 2010

Computer-free Sunday

This is my living room, and this is the view from my meditation chair. It's a lovely peaceful space, inhabited by some of my favorite things.

But this morning -- as has been true for the last couple of weeks, the last thing I saw before I closed my eyes was that pile of boxes. And I found, when I closed my eyes, that they were infuriating me.

I asked my husband yesterday to get them out of the living room, so I knew they were bothering me. But now I know why -- it's because that's what I see before I meditate. So the first part of my meditation period was disrupted with furious imaginings of things I could do to make him get them out of the space.

Fortunately, in the silence, I began to hear -- and listen for -- some saner voices, that said "What is it that you're annoyed with in yourself that is making you project all this fury onto him? If you're annoyed with the time HE spends on the computer -- well, what about you?" And so I have decided to make a uni-lateral decision to make this a computer-free Sunday. With luck, it will be the first of many; I can always write the day's post the night before. And there's no email so important it can't wait until Monday. And maybe I can at least clean up the messes around the house that I have made -- and model behavior so he can do the same.

We'll see. The best-laid plans of mice and men, says Robert Burns, "gang oft a-gley." But I think it's time I put my money where my mouth is. As long as he's still abed, I'll do a poem. But then I'm done for the day. Really. It's my addiction as much as it is his.


Anonymous said...

i find the colours of the lake and grass and sky are reflected in the hats and stone and rug. the colours are so beautiful.
this reminds me of what is in our living room now. my daughter has left grad school after a just a few months, bits of her furniture and the mattress and box springs are know where. i covered the mattress and box springs with a pretty quilt...for now. in another corner is a big white rubber ball that my husband uses for stretching, etc. and the table is covered with younger daughter's drawing things, books and mags. for husband and both daughters are readers at the table.

the cat is now sitting outside of my window yelping at me to get her some food.

good post on the log in the eye thing. i get that a lot around here.

not a bad idea to go computer free once in awhile. interesting what you might get up to.

S. Etole said...

I've been spending some time enjoying your writing and your images ... and I do mean enjoying .... they are incredible

Jan said...

How beautiful. I wish I could have that view out my windows.

Jayne said...

Next week, we will be leaving to head to a remote barrier island for three nights and four days where there will be NO internet, TV, cell phone use etc. I am curious to see which of us has the harder time being "unplugged."