Monday, November 23, 2015

All shall be well

Behold the newest addition to our household!  I saw this sleeping Buddha in a catalog years ago, and found him infinitely appealing.  But he was also quite expensive, so it was difficult to justify the purchase.

At one point I had been doing work for a real estate agent, and the money she owed would have covered that purchase, but the economy bottomed out and her payment was delayed over a year, by which time my husband was unemployed and that money was needed elsewhere.

But now that we've moved to a less expensive home and we have a little income again, my thoughts turned once again to this lovely piece; he would look so beautiful in the garden... So when a painting sold for exactly the amount he would cost, I took it for a sign, and ordered him.

The Christian in me is wary of such purchases -- thou shalt have no graven images, and all that.  But I don't worship this piece -- it's simply a lovely reminder to take a moment and breathe, to be at peace, to trust...

So it seems appropriate, as I continue in the final phases of unpacking and moving into my new office, that I found a card, given to me years ago by a professor in the School of Theology.  On it there is a graphic of geese, flying across the moon, and these words from Julian of Norwich:

All shall be well, and
all shall be well, and
all manner of thing
shall be well.

  -- Julian of Norwich 

I can hear the music; can you?

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