Thursday, February 5, 2015

Icarus: the arc of faith

They handed me these wings they'd built,
and, buoyed with all the confidence of faith,
I soon began to soar, intoxicated by
the grace of flight, the scented air,
the unfathomable lightness
of being borne upon the wind...

But I mistook the sun for you --
its height, the light, the glitter of its robes
the daily rising, its singleness and power  --
and soaring ever closer, felt the wax
that held it all together melt away,
and realized I couldn't stand the heat.

Those self-constructed feathers
weren't enough to keep me lifted close
to what I'd always thought -- and been told -- was you,
and so I fell, thinking I'd fall too far
to ever find the Oneness that I'd dreamed,
and fallen find
I've landed in your arms.

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