Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Itching to paint

Having received a note from my gallery yesterday, rejecting my current series of paintings and asking for "those photographs of boats that Diane does so well. . . that's why we originally accepted her," I dutifully headed down to the community dock early this morning. I was awake ridiculously early, the air and water were still and calm, the clouds were thin -- perfect conditions for a great boat photo.

But by the time I'd made the 15 minute drive to the dock, the clouds had thickened and rain had started to pour. I sat in my car a few minutes until the rain subsided to a light drizzle, then grabbed my camera and walked out on the dock. But there were only 3 boats, all of them white, all cheap plastic, and when I pulled out my camera to shoot, I discovered I'd left my memory card at home.

It started to pour again as I walked back to my car, and it was difficult -- superstitious creature that I am -- not to draw some broader conclusions from the whole exercise. Could it be time to say no, no more boat pictures? Should I be looking for a gallery more receptive to my paintings? Now I'm home again, the sky is blue, the water is clear and calm, and... well... the truth is, I'm itching to paint. And what does THAT tell me?

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