Thursday, December 26, 2013

Love more

When my daughters and I exchange text messages, they're in the habit -- at the end of a conversation -- of signing off with the words "Love you!"  And over the years my response has often been "Love you more :)," so when one of the girls saw this throw, she just had to get it for me for Christmas!

I always throw a blanket over me when I meditate in the morning, so this morning I meditated under my new throw.  And in the course of meditation I realized -- that's really the ultimate message of Christmas: that however much love we feel for God/the Divine/Creation/the Holy -- whatever you want to call that creative unifying force in the world that is so much larger and grander and more generous than we could ever be -- He/She/It loves us more.

And our response?  Because love is an infinitely expandable resource, unlimited by space and time, I believe that however much we love or are loved, there's always room for more.  So that's how we give back to that infinite generosity of spirit that inhabits the universe -- just keep loving more: not just God, but all creation -- family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and beyond, to all beings.  Share the love you have received -- and know that however much love you give, you are always being given more.

Merry Christmas!


altar ego said...

Thank you. I have to remind myself that human love doesn't begin to equate with God's love, and so where one disappoints I shouldn't accuse the other of being guilty. I know that I, too, need to love more, and some days I just don't know how. Perhaps if I dig deep into the reality that I have a share in divine love, that divinity will show me the way. I can hope.

Diane Walker said...

It's been my experience that, at the times I find it hard to love, or to forgive, if I turn that over to God the love and forgiveness are able to act THROUGH me, and the experience of that somehow heals as it passes through...