Monday, July 22, 2013

A Four-Star Weekend

According to some studies, shopping is our nation's most popular pastime -- and I should confess that I am not immune to this particular temptation, particularly around Christmas and my birthday. My family members do not excel in gift-giving: it's not that they give BAD gifts, they just don't tend to give me stuff.  So after years of whining and complaining and generally getting grumpy about it, I've learned it's easier to just take myself shopping on those key occasions.

So during my birthday travels last week I also cruised through a number of my favorite stores -- artsy places and galleries, for the most part -- looking for that perfect gift, for myself.  And now I understand why my family members don't give me stuff: I'm very hard to buy for!  These were some of my favorite stores, and... well, nothing appealed. 

And the truth is, even though some part of me wishes I'd found something to buy, most of me is very grateful that my gift to myself this year was my trip, and the visits with my friends. I got so much pleasure out of those shared meals and conversations, hearing the lecture, attending the play, and driving around with my camera gathering pictures like this one.  It really was a four star weekend, and it seems quite probable that no mere "thing" could compare with those experiences.  Perhaps it's simply a function of age, or a reaction to the overwhelming amount of "stuff" we've been having to clean out of my husband's family home.  But I'd like to think I might finally have reached that magical stage where what I already have is enough. There's always the hope!

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Louise Gallagher said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

and ah yes, stuff. so much of it is unnecessary. :)