Tuesday, June 4, 2013

That unfinished feeling

Some days, despite my age, I feel a bit like this immature eagle who came to hang out on our beach yesterday: immature, unrealized... just not quite "there" yet -- wherever "there" is. 

The feeling's often triggered by seeing other people's successes, I'm sad to say.  It's not that I envy them, it's more that I flagellate myself (my mother's voice, I'm sure) for not having done a better job of establishing myself as an expert... in something, I'm not quite sure what!

Perhaps this is the feminine equivalent of a mid-life crisis?  At any rate, it's always an opportunity, not so much to reassure, as to explore: what is it that I'm hungering for? Where am I being led?  What new territory is waiting to be tackled?  Because it's not really about what I haven't done; it's more about what I'm being called toward...

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