Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dual processor

We got a double blessing last night: full moon AND a fabulous sunset -- a great opportunity for the aspiring photographer to try to capture both in a single shot.  It's part of the whole economy of motion concept I first encountered reading Frank Gilbreth's classic, Cheaper by the Dozen

With so many children, economies of all sorts had to be practiced in that family; I remember being particularly struck by the way those children were taught to take showers -- and I still practice a slightly modified version of that method.

Somehow I just grew up thinking it was always better if you could do two things at once -- read while drinking coffee; if you return something upstairs, try to bring something back with you that needed to go downstairs...  Which is why today, in the throes of a major housekeeping frenzy, I'm listening to music while writing this blog while printing off new pictures for the refrigerator and trying to remember all the ingredients I need for the grocery trip later today.  However practical these "economies" might be, they're NOT very zen, and tend to make me scattered rather than focused.  But I couldn't do it if I hadn't meditated first -- and it does allow me to justify the time spent doing that.  Odd, isn't it, how we choose to live...

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