Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ferry midwifery

One of my favorite things about living on an island is riding the ferry, which I get to do again this morning; yay! 

I'll be heading to St. Hilda-St. Patrick's Episcopal Church in Edmonds, where a former student of mine (from back when I taught at our Diocesan School of Theology), Cynthia Espeseth, is now rector. 

The church has a wonderful lobby which they've turned into an art gallery, and I'm delighted to report that the pieces in my Contemplative Photographer's Alphabet exhibition (which have been sitting, boxed up, in my garage for the past year) will be mounted there today for display.

Over the past several years the exhibit -- which is lightweight and boxes up easily -- has traveled across the country to be shown in several other dioceses.  It will be fun to have it out and visible again, and I'll be taking along copies of the accompanying book in case anyone might be interested in purchasing a full set of the images.

Anyway -- back to the ferry rides -- not only are the views from the windows -- of Seattle, and Mount Rainier, and the other boats we pass -- spectacular, but the inside of the ferry is beautiful, too (at least, I think so; reflections like those shown here just make my heart sing!).  Add to that the gentle rocking motion and the sense of destination and adventure, and you have just a dynamite combination. 

Something I read recently talked about "destination as midwife to the soul."  At the risk of being a bit too graphic, I can't help but draw a parallel with the ferry, and the way the cars spill out into the destination when we arrive... It's just a lovely way to say "Today is a new day, and anything might happen.  Can't wait!"

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