Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Lenten adventure

Two things inspire me today: yesterday's adventures -- including both the photography and the exposure to new art -- and the book our parish priest has recommended for us to share during Lent (which starts tomorrow, by the way -- are you doing anything for Fat Tuesday?)

The book, by Rachel Hackenberg, is entitled Writing to God: 40 days of Praying with my Pen, and it's set up so that each day there's a poem, a Bible reading, and an invitation to prayer.  Tomorrow I will begin walking through Lent with it, and creating some conscious collages to walk with me.  Maybe I'll even write my prayers on them?

No guarantees you'll want to come along with me on this journey, but I've decided this will be my discipline for Lent.  It's always an adventure, but I'm thinking this time could be really fun...

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