Friday, February 17, 2012

Dancing in the flow

I'm reading still in Trust the Process; trying to get a handle on the importance of approaching work as a child might approach it -- with an adventurous, exploratory spirit; open, not too caught up in the details, more dancing in the flow.  And I'm thinking -- since I referred to Joyce Wycoff's blog yesterday -- that her poem describes this beautifully, and better than I could explain in prose:

Life Purpose
The child walks 
toward passion
as naturally 
as she reaches toward 
a bright toy.
Wherever she looks, 
a world of joy beckons.
No thought of “should”
 or “ought” enters her head.
She just points herself 
in the direction of 
the bright beloved
and puts one foot 
in front of the other,
Moving, totally focused.
She doesn’t stop
to ask for it.
She doesn’t worry about
whether or not
it’s the right it.
She doesn’t stop to 
consider the possible responses.
She feels no fear;
she hears only
the siren call
of her one true joy.
Oh, that I felt
that clarity,
that ability
to feel passion
For every cloud 
and dust mote,
every shiny bauble
and every glittering face,
Rather than searching
high and low
for that one
right calling
That one
all-fulfilling wish,
that one bright island,
when life is a sea 
of perfect possibilities.


Maureen said...

Lovely to see Joyce's wonderful poem paired with your artwork.

Joyce Wycoff said...

Ooooh ... how fun to see my poem on your blog!!!