Thursday, December 8, 2011

Go figure!

I got word this morning that prints of this image -- which the gallery decided to use as the postcard image for the current show -- have sold out, and they want more. 

So when I came home from my usual Thursday morning coffee date, I had to leave again and go off to Silverdale to buy more matts, then come home and make more prints of the image, then matt and mount and label and package them, and then drive them into town to the gallery. 

I'm not complaining, you understand; it's just not quite how I expected my day to go.  And I never anticipated that this image would become so popular.  But then -- I'm not a horse person; I just thought it was funny.  Almost as funny as finding myself sleepless in the middle of the night (which rarely happens to me) and coming downstairs to find Mr. Ed on the TV. At 3 am? Who knew!

All of this is just to explain why the blog is getting off to a late start -- and totally devoid of spiritual content.  I barely woke up in time for coffee, so never read, never meditated, and never got to anything on my to do list. 

Some days are just like that, you know?

"Hmph," say these horses. "A likely story; do you really expect us to believe you?"


Mystic Meandering said...

Your photo and post made my heart smile tonight... And anything that makes the heart smile is not devoid of "spiritual" content :) Humor lightens the "soul!"

I have many days like this too - although devoid of humor! Thanks for the heart smile...

Unknown said...

I love this photo - I can see why it sold out! Imagine a "write the caption" contest - how fun that would be, to see what people would guess the horses are thinking!