Monday, December 5, 2011

Art, mystery, and mercy

It's always amusing to me, to see what I discover in my images after I get home from a trip.  In this case, if you look closely at this Mardi Gras mask I found in a store window, you will see images of Venice above her gold scrollwork.

Of course, Venice, too, is known for its Mardi Gras celebration - Carnevale - and for masks; I just hadn't put it together that I might love New Orleans for some of the same reasons I love Venice.  But now that I'm thinking of it, the narrow streets and ancient doorways of the French Quarter do have a Venetian feel to them, so it shouldn't be surprising that I responded as enthusiastically as I did.

Art, and mystery, and always at the mercy of the water... hmmm.  And here, where I spend most of my time; we, too are known for our art, and our street, at least is surely at the mercy of the tides from time to time.  But where is the mystery?  Perhaps we should have our OWN Mardi Gras parade!